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Tuesday, November 9
STORY: (From Mongoose Ink)

Too large to post here, but please go check it out!

NEWS: (From Darren Zeraus)

NEWARK (Nj.) -- The new training center for the Pride was unveiled today, fifteen miles from the Asphalt Savannah. The Hunting Grounds, as Pride fans are calling it, has been outfitted with its own gym and practice court, along with first aid and health facilities to make sure that the Pride remains fit both physically and health wise. The whole Pride was there, including the new free agents Brisk and Williams, to put the new center through its paces and giving the gym equipment its first uses. Theodore Snafter, (Prairie Dog, PG) was the first to quickly take to the weights he'd been hitting at the local gym in the off season, instantly impressing the rest of the team with the ease at which he was going through his reps. If anything the 'dog' was showing off just how he'd packed on the additional bulk. Soon after the rest of the Pride broke off into their own regimens in the training center.

Lance Freewell (Clouded Leopard, C) was seen running on an endurance treadmill with low oxygen mask. When approached by reporters they were quickly stopped by Thomas Shea, "Yes, we've got Lance working on his endurance. He's a star in every other field and we've been pushing him to his limits over the passed few years. Granted, we have a new center that may be able to give the guy a break, but until we can wrangle that beast down to a manageable level we gotta make sure our star center can run long and hard. Lance is a good guy, one of the cornerstones of this team. Everything we've done in passed drafts has been trying to help him out but we haven't been able to efficiently until this year. We're hoping when that damned moose cools off it'll let Lance play harder and better rather than longer."

From one center to another, Gordon Reilly (Moose, F/C) was seen on the leg weights, no doubt working on some more jump for his rebounds and shot blocks, "Yeah, I hear it from the coaches every day. I'm here to do one thing, make anyone's life hell if they get anywhere near the basket, so what if I get a foul or two. They got me running Twenty suicides every foul I draw during practice games. Coach Leddy even said he's gonna keep track of the fouls in the games I DO play and making me run forty every one I draw. They're just tryin' my patience, bunch of pantywastes and princesses. All of them lost the fire you get from starting this game hungry. By mid season, you'll see, they're going to WANT me on that court."

Training, to drills, to the ending practice match, mixing up the roster again for it, seemed to have the Pride in full swing. Though during the practice match Reilly did manage to draw three fouls, costing his side the practice match as he was forced to run his twenty suicides while the matched continued before he was allowed to retake his post a bit more tired, but not quite much cooler headed until the last four minutes where he was more tired than hot headed after his sixtieth suicide where the final whistle sounded and had Reilly panting and huffing more than the rest of the team combined, grumbling 'Bastards are going to kill me before the first game.' and was approached by Lance Freewell who replied, 'That's the feeling of a whole game. Welcome to my world. Enjoy your stay.' and laughed his way to the showers, Reilly dragging behind the rest of the Pride.
NEWS: (From Mr. Initial Man)


Sonya Acrutar was admitted to the hospital after an argument with her husband over a television remote turned physical, resulting in Dreysanius breaking his wife's arm. No details have been released yet, but officials are looking into the matter. Sonya's parents, Josef and Katarina Alreya, have taken custody of the couple's son Kenson.

Several aquaintances expressed shock at this turn of events, others, who were closer to the couple, said they were not surprised. A doctor at the hospital even said that this was nothing he hadn't seen before.
NEWS: (From Nightfirex)

SPOKANE (Wa.) -- Several eye witnesses saw what they have believe to have seen John Stoat, arriving at the Lilac Coliseum. We try to get confirmation but the Gm is expressing no comment at the current time. As the Preseason is underway and the team is slowly beginning to mold together. The players have been working hard to adjust to their new roles as Dahntay Wilkins and Tullia Rosa have dedicated themselves to focus on some of the weak area of the now reformed team.

"Look before we continue with this, I know what you want to ask and I am not giving any comments about Stoat. I am going to tell you that training facility had a definite need for an upgrade. We have a lot of unique players now and it Wilkins and my job to make sure this team remain in good shape through out the season. The GM made the calls got the proper funding and now we have a place for these player to really get focus and ready to play" Tullia said as shi was working with Jorge Vilata on leg presses.

The team's superstar Alan Chesuk, was doing free weights along with Tatiana Trotsky, and Nightfire was working with Victoria Ling on the court, not much detail, but no Stoat.

The biggest mystery is the practice matches, it seem can get no more info on what happens on that floor after the drills and training. As we were asked to leave before it started. So many secrets to be solved, more will be reveal as we get information on Stoat.
NEWS: (From Gypsy Rabbit)


First, let me say to you folks, give up. I can not, shall not and will not say anything about what happens in the Lilac grounds. Well, ok, maybe one thing I can say: you don’t know what adrenaline is until you play a basketball game with Ride of the Valkyries playing full volume on the court. Some have doubts about Nightfire Kitsura style, but I can say he does create an unique unity to the group.

On other news, I received my first fine at the Rapids. Happened when some reporters started to fire questions at me.
“Are you ready to fill the role Stoat had on the team?”
“I sure hope to help the team the same way he does. And I am not replacing Stoat. As far as I know, he’s not retired, nor anything..”
“What is Stoat doing in the Lilac Coliseum?”
“He’s a part of the team, isn’t him?”
“Will he play from start?”
“Ask him or Nightfire”
“Do you think JuJu…”
“Whatever it is, go ask him.”
“Why the harsh words? Are you jealous of Stoat?”
“Hey, I barely talked with the guy so far, all right? Does anyone have any question that doesn’t involve John Stoat? Yes, the anteater in the back”
“Yes, you said you wear the number 14 in homage of Barton Rouge, and one of your previous teams was already using the number 4. You said in the interview, and I quote ‘so #14 means the number 4 is the number one’.”
“Well, for sure, when one athlete is developing his game, it’s natural to find a benchmarking of sorts…”
“No, no, my question is: considering this, would you wear a #16 jersey?”
“Vai tomar no cú.”

Believe me, people know how to use sites of translation. Oh, well.
REPORT: (From Sam Gwosdz)

I submit to you, the FBA community, an update on the potential rosters of the best teams of FBA players from the United States, Canada and all around the world:


C Alan Chesuk, Rapids (Whitehorse, YK, Canada)
G/F Doral, Thrust (New Jersey, USA)
C Lance Freewell, Pride (Wright, WY, USA)
G Buck Hopper, Thrust (Stockton, CA, USA)
F/C Billy Joe James, Spirits (Stigler, OK, USA)
G Xavier Knutten, Mayors (Austin, TX, USA)
G Sarah Lancaster, Sand Dollars (Reno, NV, USA)
G Ryan Malone, Bikers (Lansing, MI, USA)
G Barton Rogue, Mudpuppies (New Orleans, LA, USA)
C Cletus Swinton, Thrust (Macon, GA, USA)
F Charles Yotechuk, Typhoons (Calgary, AB, Canada)
G Valencia Zeraus, Pride (Newark, NJ, USA)
F Godfrey Zindedel, Whips (Greenfield, IN, USA)
F Christopher Zweischenberger, Blanks (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)


G Carl Esteban, Alphas (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
F Karl Gruber, Howlers (Germany)
C Erich Haber, Firestorm (Heidelberg, Germany)
G Klaus Korber, Typhoons (Essen, Germany)
F Lewis Lachler, Howlers (Tanzania)
G Mikhail Lobochevski, Rapids (St. Petersburg, Russia)
G Teo Masalia, Minutemen (Bogota, Colombia)*
F/C Aisha Melbourne, Firestorm (Sydney, Australia)
G Dat Mongoste, Bikers (Zimbabwe)
C Nick Nwabudike, Minutemen (Nri, Nigeria)
G Paul Shepard, Howlers (Hamburg, Germany)
G Vera La Tiérra, Minutemen (Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico)
C Svenia von Thomassen, Whips (Borås, Sweden)
G Kasa Yalenchka, Arctics (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

*Replacement for John Stoat
INTERVIEW: (From Rad Rab)

Rad Rab, professional wrestler turned FBA rookie, made the following statements during interviews this pre-season:

Nov. 4: "Its still preseason but I love the way the team's playin. The effort is there hopefully it will be there come opening night!"

Nov. 6: "Tough loss but again its only preseason, hopefully we learn about ourselves a little more from this and takes the positives from and channel it into our next game."

Nov. 8: "It was a great game, though we didnt win, we hung in there to keep it close. Buck Hopper is one of my inspirations to get back to the thing I loved before wrestling. It was pretty cool meeting him in person as we had distant talks before but watching the guy play...he's just incredible out there and can't wait to play the team again when the season comes around."

With the 2010-2011 FBA Regular Season beginning tomorrow and excitement among furry basketball fans at its peak, Random Den Publishing released today the much-anticipated autobiography from FBA great Healey Davis, My Yarn: A Legend's Story.

In the book, Davis talks about his life before entering the FBA, and goes in-depth about what happened during his career with the Huntsville Mayors and how he led his team to five straight championships to dominate the late 90s.

My Yarn is available in furry bookstores today.

Final pre-season results:

ALB 1-3
ALK 2-2
BAL 4-0
BDF 3-1
BLX 2-2
DAK 3-1
DES 2-2
GAL 3-1
HNT 3-1
IDA 1-3
KCC 0-4
LOR 3-1
MON 1-3
NWK 1-3
PIT 2-2
PLY 2-2
RMY 2-2
SAS 2-2
SFW 2-2
SPO 1-3
STA 3-1
TAL 3-1
TEN 0-4
WIL 2-2

We're about to begin!! I'm experimenting with a new die roll system that should hopefully make for some more interesting results. We'll see-- just like last year, I'll keep tweaking it until I feel like it's right. But the first real results should be coming out tomorrow! I hope you're all as excited as I am! :-)

In the meantime, now is your last chance to address the following issues! Would the GMs of these teams please see about taking care of these problems:

Albany Alphas: Only 13 players signed. Lance Wildfyre still doesn't have a jersey number.

Bradford Bantams: Only 13 players signed.

Kansas City Clefs: Only 13 players signed.

Montana Howlers: Number conflict! Both Karl Gruber and Frans Richter have jersey #55. Please change one of these jersey numbers.

Pittsburgh Keystones: Emmett Paul doesn't have a jersey number.

Tennessee Moonshiners: Only 13 players signed.

Idaho Mounties: Number conflict! Both Stefan Kiković and Inga Hertegurd have jersey #0. Please change one of these jersey numbers.

Rocky Mountain Royals: Alex Mastiffson and Harry Redford still don't have jersey numbers. Redford is not positioned on the depth chart.

Galveston Sand Dollars: Only 13 players signed.

Sanata Ana Spectrums: Only 13 players signed.

Tallahassee Typhoons: Only 13 players signed.

Just to reiterate, it is all right to have only 13 players signed, I just want you to be aware you are allowed to sign a 14th player.

Good luck everyone!!